For many, these have been turbulent times. In light of this, we chose to create a light-hearted iOS app that would support healthy lifestyle choices.

What it does

Successfully launches an app in an iOS iPhone simulator. In the app, the User is encouraged and enabled to press a heart button to express love for their virtual pet. There's also a menu of items at the bottom of the screen that represent the various healthy activities that the User could engage in to support themselves and their pet.

How I built it

After thorough studying of the Flutter beginner/first application tutorials, we created our own Flutter app using their base, and altered the main.dart file and others.

Challenges I ran into

Initially the scope of the project was too large, and it was difficult for us to properly address all of our intended measures because of our relative lack of experience with the relevant technologies (i.e. echoAR, iOS development in general). This, in combination with compatibility issues on some of our software installations, resulted in a project of significantly smaller size.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to brainstorm and develop an entire User Story for the app that we intended to make, and conceptually, we feel that it was a success.

What I learned

It was interesting to get exposed to iOS development tools such as Xcode and Flutter, and to try and experiment with technologies such as Unity, echoAR, and Firebase.

What's next for My QuaranMini

There are many features that could be implemented to have our prototype more fully approach our desired product; these include actually inserting a virtual pet avatar, progress bars, a character customization screen, incorporating augmented reality and user data into the app processes.

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