Inspiration:Actually am in uganda it lots of business are being carried out here and above all there is less connectivity between the comapany heads and their clients in the i had the idea to bringing together the clearing and forwarding companies together with the customers

What it does this web application helps clients connect to the clearing and forwarding comapany and get to know availability of there cargo,they can contact the comapany and get to know the services available

How I built it: actually i used bootstrap for the building the UI's actually and i wrote the javascript code for the form validations and finally PHP for message submission to the company

Challenges I ran into :MY greatest challenge was internet.Sometimes i could not do work efficiently because i lacked internet for testing

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:MY project has been recommended by the company called kingsklassglobal limited and am now managing it.

What I learned:I have got experience in dealing with javascript for webscripting and using php for backend developments and above all bootstrap simplifying responsiveness

What's next for My project made called kingsklassglobal investments company :i hosted it and it's now running for the company called kingsklass global investments limited

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