Not everyone can visit different countries, museums to see the masterpieces of world culture. Especially in this difficult period for all of us, because many countries are now quarantined. I thought that developing such a mask would help cheer up people.

What it does

With the help of my mask you are transported to a small museum with paintings by great artists. Each picture has a voice description. Door - the portal can be moved, reduced (this is done for the convenience of users).

How I built it

The whole mask is made using the built-in Spark AR patches. 3D model created in Cinema4D

Challenges I ran into

I'm not very good at 3D modeling, but I challenged myself and did it. I also decided to make the project completely from the built-in patches (except for the patch texture picker).

What I learned

By doing this project I learned how to make occluders, portals.

What's next for My project is called the Museum.

In the future I want to modernize this project a bit, add more languages (now only English is available).

And I want to say more thanks for the opportunity to create what I like.

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