Shivam Gupta

Hey Folks!👋
Let me introduce myself. Presently I am a 2rd year student at Jain University.
Till now I have maintained my SGPA of 8.8(Average).


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    # ACTIVITIES🏋️‍♂️
  • Active memeber of Developer student club, community name FET-JU.
  • Under GitHub student developer pack.
  • Active student member of Computer Society of India
  • Student at HackerEarth, Check out!

    # TOOLS⚙
  • Git & GitHub.
  • Android studio.
  • Intellij Idea.
  • Visual studio code.

    # SKILLS🤖
  • Android Development.
  • C,C++,Java. Click me!

  • Cybersecurity.
  • To become part of Google Summer of Code aka GSOC link.
  • Working hard to avail the opportunity to become Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors of my college.
  • Learning with perfection at MICROSOFT LEARN.
  • Another interest lies with Developer student club lead role as of now, I am learning the etiquette.

    # ROLES🕹
  • LEAD for my Guild "FET-JU" on the event called Local Host Day: BUILD hosted by MLH.
  • Making a huge community in college for introducing great culture to our campus.
  • Owner of OctoPet server on Discord.

  • I made a small app called SherLocking take a look.
  • updating soon.....


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