Imagine a behavior change app that can be easily customized to fit any unique audience (mental health, worksite wellness, new diabetics...) and customized by each individual. That is what we have built in the My Pocket Coach app by 2Morrow.

The app helps the end user create better habits, those that support their goals. These can be mental habits, social habits, productivity habits or health habits. The user can select from predefined habits (provided by the app or by their own "coach") or they can define their own custom habits. Users can share data with a coach, therapist or other support system (currently in person or via email or export, no current EHR integration - integration under consideration.)

For Users: My Pocket Coach is available for iPhone ttps:// and Android.

For Use by Professionals or Organizations:

Try It: To see an example of custom content, download "My Pocket Coach" from the iphone or Android app store and go to Menu > Coach Code and enter: "STRESSFREE"

Theory & Approach: Many of our thoughts and behaviors are habit based rather than logic based. Even small changes in habits can have long term lasting results. We know that people need to be ready, willing and able to change before change can happen (Stages of Change Theory.) BF Skinner showed that repetition combined with feedback can help us create new habits. BJ Fogg describes the importance of making small changes tied to a trigger when attempting to form new habits. Lastly we take all that theory and test it in the real world with a mobile app, keeping what works and changing what doesn’t.

Theory Whitepaper:

Our approach focuses on:

  1. Identifying a goal
  2. Defining “doable” habits that support that goal
  3. Understanding your motivations & triggers
  4. Tracking your progress
  5. Reminders when needed
  6. Celebrating small successes
  7. Share your journey if desired

Why people use it:

  1. Easy & Convenient ( always with them)
  2. Affordable: Free or under $5.
  3. Private, non judgmental
  4. It provides a system and process that is doable.

How we retain users:

  1. Reminders – some using their own words or images
  2. Re-engagement strategy that re-targets inactive users at time when they are likely to be open to starting again.

AWARDS: This app is based on our Healthy Habits app which won the 2012 US Surgeon General’s Healthy App Challenge for Integrative Health. The My Pocket Coach was named the WIRED Insider Healthy App a the WIRED Health event in Oct, 2012. Between the 2 apps, we have had over 350,000 downloads and some users have been using the app for over 3 years!

User Quote: "In one short month your app has changed my life. Has changed me. Has changed my marriage. Has affected family, friend and stranger alike... I've given it habits I've had trouble making or breaking for 50 years. Take it seriously, it does change a man." — Adrien L.

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