I wanted to build a fully interactive and visual game that allowed you to both take care of a virtual pet and to take it on adventures. I felt that current skills were too simple and i could make something better that you could play for days, weeks, or months, not just minutes. I also wanted to create something that people can use as companions in their home, people who are depressed and need companionship or are sick and are bed stricken. It has been proven that pets can be used as therapy and animals can be healers. A virtual pet is also a good stepping stone for kids to learn how to take care of a pet before actually owning a physical one

What it does

You start the game by choosing a color and a name for your cat. Your cat needs to be fed regularly so that it doesn't go hungry. You can tell it to 'eat something' and it will do just as you say. In addition to needing to eat, your cat also needs exercise. Make sure it goes on adventures and walks daily, otherwise it will get too hyper. Your cat gets full after eating too much and gets tired of playing and walking, but it is always willing to do tricks, sleep, and use the washroom. Your cat will grow over time learning new tricks each time it levels up and can perform these tricks on command.

You will meet up to 5 neighbors in your neighborhood that send you on missions through the streets. There are a total of 9 enemy mice, 9 enemy cats, and 9 enemy dogs that you will have to go through to complete the missions. At the end of each street you will need to defeat the boss enemies.


  • Eat
  • Go For Walks
  • Play
  • Sleep
  • Use Washroom
  • Go on Adventure


  • Meow
  • Purr
  • Speak
  • Front Flip
  • Whistle
  • Beg
  • Back Flip
  • Kiss
  • Blow Raspberry
  • Skateboard
  • Meditate
  • and MUCH MORE

*Your cat can learn up to 30+ NEW TRICKS

How I built it

I built this Alexa Skill using VoiceFlow, which i find is a great tool to help you focus on the creative aspects of building a skill. I used a lot logic, coding, and variables within VoiceFlow to accomplish certain aspects of this game.

My Pet Cat is built as a voice first experience but even more effort went into adding visual components to this skills using APL. The visual components were created using tools in the Adobe Suite like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Adobe Character Animator, and Adobe After Effects.

All of the images and video files are streamed streamed into the skill using S3 buckets on Amazon AWS Servers.

Many of the 35 character voices used in the game were created using Amazon Polly.

Challenges I ran into

Creating anything new always comes with its fair set of challenges that you are going to have to work through which i was well aware of and prepared for. The biggest challenge I faced was human error and the amount of coding and verbiage that needed to be appropriately connected and functional for this skill to function. I also had a lot of new things i had to learn on every platform used to construct the skill throughout the entire scope of the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of how well the skill functions. I am proud of the 35 characters i created and the story i wrote for the adventure portion of the game. I am proud of the amazing visuals i was able to create and my ability to connect it all together under one roof. I am proud that this is my first attempt at creating a game and my many years of experience of working online have allowed me to create something I can be proud of. I am proud that i am self taught and learned all the skills necessary to create this game because of my passion for the tech industry.

What I learned

I garnered a great ability to code using python, javascript, and jnode. I learned how to add visuals to my skills using APL. I learned how to change and manipulate sounds in Adobe Audition for the characters i had created. I learned how to extract voice from Amazon Polly and how to manipulate them using SSML. I learned how to create sound bites and overlap audio using Adobe Audition. I learned how to store and send date using Amazon S3 Buckets. I learned how to create and lip sync animated characters using Adobe Character Animator. I learned how to create visual animations and manipulate graphics using Adobe After Effects. I learned how to create a story board and how to use that story board to make an idea a reality. I learned how to build ISP for my alexa skills for both CONSUMABLES and SUBSCRIPTIONS.

What's next for My Pet Cat

Next i want to create expansion packs for my pet cat and allow users to take their pet cat on virtual adventures in different worlds. Like taking them on an adventure through a sort of castle experince, where your cat has to fight its way to a princess. Even something like christmas and halloween expansion packs are in the works for next year. It would also be great for your pet cat to interact with you more depending on your age. Like adding a AI hat bot to the skill so you can interact more openly with your cat. It is my goal to incorporate virtual pets into the lives of people who suffer from the depression or are sick or are in need of a companion.

Built With

  • voiceflow
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