I have been wanting to create my own website for a long time. I took some timem to learn more programming and finally came across a good opportunity to just build it.

What it does

I basically made a website for my resume but with pictures.

How I built it

I got my free domain from and used a template as my first structure. In order to upload the template into my domain I used a file transfer protocol (ftp) app named WinSCP. Once I was able to upload the template I customized the color, order, words, and pictures.

Challenges I ran into

I have never attempted to build a website before so I got stuck several times. I didn't know that I needed an ftp to upload the template, or even that there were templates. I was just going to build it from scratch but I'm glad I was able to get some good direction from the Rose Hack mentors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to see my website up and running knowing that 24 hours ago I had no idea how to do such things.

What I learned

I learned a lot of HTML and CSS.

What's next for my personal website

I have all my work/technical experience but I would like to add more about myself and perhaps turn it more into a blog than just a resume website.

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