All my friends have personal websites to showcase their skills and accomplishments. I decided to get creative with my website and learn more about web development.

What it does

It showcases my skills in a nice layout. One feature is the border drawing when you open the page and the color variations on that border. I also included links to my linkedIn, GitHub, Resume, and email. Also, when the user has my website open but has left to another tab the title of the tab switches from "emma rivera" to "Don't Leave Me!".

How I built it

I used HTML for the formatting of my webpage and CSS to style it. I also used JavaScript to manage the dynamic styling of the border.

Challenges I ran into

I could not get the border to maintain the same height and width of the polygon background image. The problem was that they are on different z-indices, making it difficult for the sizing to remain the same.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made my first website!!

What I learned

How to create a website.

What's next for My Personal Website <3

I would like to fix the border issue. I also would like the polygon image to be flat when the user first opens the page and for it to crinkle into the polygon image it is for the rest of the time the user is on my page.

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