Our inspiration for doing this project has been thanks to our student stage where we face many jobs and tasks alone without help, because we couldn't understand to the teachers. And for that is why we have created a personal tutor so that each student is not alone at home to face the doubts that were not resolved in class.

My tutor focus in solving academic doubts at the level of hight school and university. It can solve doubts of Language, Maths, Biology and History. About Language she can solve morphological phrases, saying the type of word and a short description about the meaning of the word and also she can solve Literature doubts, like who authors or a what is a linguistic property. About Maths, she can do individual operations such as add, substract, multiply, divide, square root and calculate the module. With respect to History and Biology, the students will be able to ask for any historical event and any phenomenon or bilogical property, and then Alexa will respond with a corresponding definition.

We built this project with node js code in background and calling two external APIs.

The challenges we ran into were manage some asynchronous functions that we programmed for the API's request and keep the same session between all subjects because a students can has doubts about one subject first and then with another one.

We are proud of the way in which this project can solve several types of doubts at various student levels.

We learned to manage the API's request, some extra JavaScript code and understand the asynchronous functions inside the code.

The next for My tutor is to help anyone who has a question outside the student's field. Any question that comes to mind or any event, phenomenon or fact that you need to know. For another hand, she is going to do mathematical operations concatenated and more complex and it could log in with an user account for save previous request or doubts.

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