The climate change problem is highly relevant today. Hardly a day passes by without concerns being raised about increasing temperatures, melting icebergs, ecosystems existing on the edge of extinction. The problem seems to be overwhelmingly large and it is truly difficult to comprehend it and find a starting point. With My Penguin we offer the public an opportunity to consciously complete easy sustainable actions. The aim of the project is to allow people naturally transform to more sustainable way of living by caring about someone else. Especially when those “someone else” are incredible penguins it is much easier for users to adjust their lifestyle as this process would not be for themselves or for the sake of solving an abstract problem, but rather for the well-being of cute and very real penguins.

What it does

Based on the information that is put by user themselves or collected automatically from connected smart devices/loyalty cards/etc a user can track their sustainable habits earning XP points every time they complete a step towards the transformation to the better future. XP points gained by completing sustainable actions are directed towards happiness of chosen penguin, which the user can also track on the map in real-time. Apart from the habit tracker and interactive part of following penguins in real-time there is also a source of general information about penguins, statistical data on climate change affecting penguins’ ecosystem, and the most recent news in the related field.

How we built it

We have built the mobile application with Android Studio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've managed to create a realistic and useful application for.

What we have learned

We have dug into literature research about climate change and penguins behaviour, which have been the main sources to identify the objectives of our application. In addition, we have learned how to manipulate several complex Android components.

What's next for My Penguin?

There is still a lot of work to be done on My Penguin. Keeping track of the user's alimentation habits, interaction with other users or tracking of real pinguins' position are some examples of great ideas to be incorporated in the app.

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