Inspiration ✨

We all know it can be complicated stressful to find parking in the city of Montreal. Montreal's paid parking spots are useful and practical, but it is not possible to know in advance where they are, and if they are available. We wanted to create a solution for this problem to relieve the stress of finding parking in Montreal.

What it does 🚗

With our application, you will be able to find the parking spaces closest to the location of your choice. You can either drag the geolocation marker on the map or manually search a location using the search bar. You can also adjust the quantity of results you want to display. Finally, you can also hover your mouse on the parking results to show the parking number.

How we built it 🛠

We used HTML5 and CSS3 to build the website and to make the design. We used the language Typescript to create the application which does the job of displaying the map and interacting with it. It also use the parking station data of the city of Montreal and use this data with the API of Google Map to display the parking spots on the map.

Challenges we ran into 🏋

Using the collected data from the municipality website and using it with the Google Map API was a real challenge, it was something we had never done before. We also did not have a lot of experience in programming with Angular, so we worked with many technologies that were new to us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🥇

We are proud to have succeeded in making a functional application using technologies that were new to us in such a short time. Obviously, we would have liked to add more features, but the core of the application works.

What we learned 📚

We learned that collaboration and communication are extremely important in this kind of project, especially with such limited time. We also discovered how to use powerful APIs in an Angular project such as the Maps JavaScript API.

What's next for My Parking 💡

Currently, the application works with static data collected on the website of the municipality of Montreal. We would like to collaborate with them to implement data that will operate in real-time to show which parking is currently available, and how much time left until a parking spot is freed.

We would also like to add new features to our application such as the possibility to allow private companies to collaborate with us to display their own parking on the map. This would allow us to set up a system that would allow the user to subscribe to our application on a monthly basis, which would give him the advantage of being able to enter the participative parking lots without having to pay an additional amount.

We would also like to make the application more visually appealing, as well as make it available as an official application in the IOS and Play Store. This would allow us to use the user's current geolocation on his phone and obtain dynamic results as he drives around the city.

We would also like to provide search results based on distance, which the user could modify depending on how far he wants to walk.

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