In Africa, where I come from, internet access is a very big deal. Internet access costs an average of about 1$ for just 10MB, so, it's only for very important reasons you want to use it. Affording a couple of dollars might even be spared at times but buying a smart phone or a laptop is more expensive, all because you want to access your email. A cyber cafe would have even been a cheaper alternative to access your email, but cyber security is the greatest challenge in this case. Remote Access Trojans (RATs), keyloggers and other spyware make cyber cafes dangerous to use, to access your email. As a Microsoft Office Specialist Master, a software developer and a security certified expert, I decided to develop a solution that will help users access their emails offline using a simple phone call or SMS (Short Message Service) from a verified phone number. New emails come in as phone calls and SMS (Short Message Service) as well. This solution not only provides offline access to emails alone but also to files and calendar events.

What it does

Send and receive Emails with your phone completely offline using a simple phone Call or SMS. Access and share your Files completely Offline. Have Appointments, Birthdays and other notifications delivered directly to your phone through voice Call and SMS. Internet Access used to be the only way to access your Emails. We just created a new way to break that barrier, My Office Cellphone. It's very unfair to have only people with smart phones have access to emails. We just made it fair! Even with a land line, you may now call your emails. Never get late to appointments even when you don't have internet access to check. Because My Office Cellphone will call and text you to remind you.

How I built it

I integrated Microsoft Graph API with a telephony API and built the website and app to authenticate the user on both platforms.

Challenges I ran into

Authenticating a user offline and SMS delivery issues in some locations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My Office Cellphone will change a user's perspective of emails. Emails can now be seen as they should have been seen: Electronic Mails which should be accessible through electronic devices (Landline phones inclusive), not Internet Mails (just for PCs and smartphones) as they have been.

What I learned

The effective usage of Microsoft Graph API can be used to build innovative solutions which can tackle world's biggest problems.

What's next for My Office Cellphone

With time, this solution will evolve to also provide offline access to Customer booking, Devices and apps, Education, Identity and access, Notes, Reports, SharePoint , Social intelligence, Tasks, Microsoft Teams, Workbooks and charts.

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