The way society flourished and survived this long is because humans are social and are interactive creatures. Recently, Real life interactions have become interactions behind screens. The My-Oc team believes that we must go back to our roots, and stop hiding behind our screens and go out and experience new things. Technology must enhance our lives, it should not restrict us and betray the roots the helped us succeed. To have experiences and to learn about things no one thought were possible for them is exactly what we did. With the oculus rift we are able to go within the screen and experience a virtual reality where the possibilities are endless.

The My-Oc team is hardware team that also has qualities in other disciplines within engineering which allows us to have no set limits and because of this users will be able to go into virtual reality while using the Myo wrist band. The motion of your arm in real life controls your experience in virtual reality. This is fairly new technology is still in the development phase. We have made 4-5 games that uses the interface of Myo and Oculus Rift. As well as a website that will be a Oculus data base for the Oculus Rift or Oculus Rift Myo combination which can be used when looking for new games, or new stimulations. The files will be uploaded using Git, and will be shown to the judges when they come around.

The inspiration for the interactions between Myo and Oculus Rift came from the iron mans computer, J.A.R.V.I.S. The Co-founder wanted to make a stimulation in the oculus rift where a user will be able to create, draw, rotate, and make objects with his hands while in virtual reality. As this was the first time using the Myo armband and Oculus Rift we decided to save this for a later hackathon and began with our babysteps in this area of technology.

Our main goal is to bridge the gap between Myo and Oculus Rift, such that individuals may download and install a script, then run a game and be able to experience it fully. While working with an ocean simulation on the Oculus Rift, we realized the difference between the experience of using a mouse versus an arm band. The reality is broken by attempting to find a keyboard and navigating around by pressing buttons, as supposed to looking and aiming at where one wants to go. Having spent the first one-third of the hackathon, learning how to use the Oculus Rift, Myo arm band, and Unity3D, as well as interfacing them.

In future work, this technology can be expanded upon to apply to psychiatry, physiotherapy, surgery training, virtual travel for physically-challenged individuals, and J.A.R.V.I.S., among others. We would also like to program our own applications with specific gestures for the application, for increased modularity and versatility, then published it on the site. Increased gestures (and improvements for the Myo arm band) and specialized applications designed for the armband will allow the My-Oc to be applied in numerous educational and therapeutic applications positively impacting the lived experience of the people.

This project embodies our design values as shown by key features in which our teams is greatly proud, that is, lifelong learning, accessibility, and grit. A great amount of determination, creativity, and hard work that went into each program (script) we had to code that may or may not even work. The team never gave up, put in the hours and came out with the expected results.

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