“My Notes in Gear” is an easy to use application, that helps you create notes at a glance and keep all of your devices synchronized instantly. Add time or location based reminders and get notified at the right place and at the right time.

“My Notes in Gear” is fully compatible with your Galaxy Gear 2. Access all of your notes on your smartwatch and view all of the details and the picture attachments on your wrist. The best part is that you can create simple notes and add time or location based reminders from your smartwatch.

“My Notes in Gear” for the host device features: • Create notes through a beautiful and simple interface • Add time or location based alarms so that you never miss a thing • Add picture attachments from your device and view them on your Gear 2 • Make your notes unique, setting a special color for each note • Rearrange your notes order, by long clicking on the note • Swipe left or right to archive your notes. The archived notes are still available and you can easily restore or delete them • Create template titles and address to use them from your Gear and rearrange them by long clicking • View your notes on your homescreen through the beautiful widget • Every change to your notes gets synchronized across your devices, through your Dropbox account, and your picture attachments are added to your Dropbox folder instantly.

“My Notes in Gear” for the Galaxy Gear 2 features: • Get all the notifications on your wrist so you never miss a thing • Take a quick view of your notes and picture attachments on the go • Create new notes and add time and location based reminders

In future updates, we will add more features like: • Add voice attachments to your notes • Create notes with checkbox lists • Add attachments from your Gear

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