The key to learning any new skill or data is having an easy way to review the data. My SRD Guide for Android does just that in an easy interface! This app takes the NIST SRD Datasets 111, 121, & 144 and lets the user customize how the data is displayed, allowing information to be sorted alphabetically or numerically. The app allows users to save customs notes for individual data, designate data items as favorites, or filter on unique data. Looking for only the Solids in the SRD 111 or SRD 144 data sets? My SRD Guide makes that easy for you! Need to study the atomic numbers or symbols? Use the app to quiz yourself on the periodic table! Quiz yourself at your own pace, or put the pressure on and allow the app to time you during the quiz! Instant feedback allows users to see how many quiz questions were answered correctly and review incorrect answers. Do you have data in SRD 121 that you seem to always refer to? Bookmark it and take some notes. Everything at your disposal wherever you may go. My SRD Guide is your simple, yet powerful tool to learn or reference the SRD Datasets anywhere, anytime!

Expansion Capability

Expansion of My SRD Guide to include more SRD Datasets in future versions by the developer is simple due to how the code was constructed.

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