1. url-> http://www.nonlinearstory.in/ The main reason behind contemplating this theme or idea was to provide a complete user-experience of well categorized and organized story-lines and news. There may be countless number of portals offered in the market, however what underlines this particular idea is the fact that it facilitates one to filter the stories relating to his/her interests. That is, Non-Linear Stories only shows news and articles based on the categories and priorities chosen by the reader himself. Hence the Motto of Non-Linear Stories is “My World..My News”.

As we all know, it’s somewhat a norm that the success of an IT projects largely relies on its level of user-friendliness. Non-Linear stories have a well sequenced and simple registration process, smooth on-site navigation and a robust privacy protocol. Moreover, its vivid layout makes it very convenient for the user to switch between and skim through all the displayed storylines swiftly.

A superlative attribute about this portal is its ability to challenge the reader himself on completion of each story. In the sense, in order to enrich the reading experience, there is a Q & A round relating to the particular topic following every storyline. Non-Linear stories are well suited for all age groups, ranging from kids to adults due to its ability to filter contents as per the user’s taste.

Any one can easily access the portal, through a simple registration step. This includes choosing of preferred categories of news and entering the user details such as email id, username and password etc. Once the reader is registered, he can login to the system to view the news and articles of his choice. When the user reaches his personalized news feeds, he can start reading the news. To make the reading interesting, "Non-Linear Stories" have a single question quiz based on the news read alternatively. For example:- The user reads the first news and clicks for the second, a question will be asked based on the first news, after the user answer the question, the portal will take him to the second news. After reading the second news, he can go to the third without the question. Similar to this, alternatively "Non-Linear Stories" have put the questions to make the reader think and entertained.

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