Inspiration - Based on a true story of a homeless, gender-queer virtual reality developer, who never gave up.

How it works - Oculus/Game controller guides you on a journey through the nightmarish memories of a homeless hacker. Leap Motion triggers each memory you press along the wall as you move down further into the depths of the fun house.

Challenges I ran into - ambitious project for a hackathon so need to perhaps scale back next time. Some tech difficulties including some crashing. Unity 4/5 differences, team new to Leap Motion etc.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - We all have built the most difficult part of the story thus far and have gotten solid positive "thumb's up" and feedback when we did our demo that day. Our team is feeling strong about the future success of this piece!

What I learned - Work with the most experienced, stress-free team you can possibly find and feel we did. Don't utilize too many new tools, assets at a hackathon. ;)

What's next for My Name is Te - We are continuing to finish the build. Adding much more to this to make it a full story experience. We plan on submitting to festivals, interactive/VR art exhibits as well as get out to the public on various distribution platforms.

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