My MilkCrate is an app that connects consumers to local, sustainable businesses in their area to help them live a more sustainable lifestyle. The USDA has numerous sustainability initiatives, programs, and efforts that are featured in My MilkCrate. Whether it's finding a specific wholesaler, a nearby farm-to-table restaurant, or the closest farmers' market, My MilkCrate is the best way for the sustainable agriculture community, consumers and farmers alike, to navigate the food and economic landscape .

My MilkCrate's businesses and organizations are vetted to ensure that they meet a specific level of sustainability to ensure that users are finding the most sustainable options. My MilkCrate has over 20 categories ranging from dining to transportation to education available to users to explore as they find ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle and support local businesses including agriculture and other food system factions.

Through listing or map views within the app, users are able to navigate and learn about the businesses and vendors involved in the United States' food system and broader economic landscape. My MilkCrate helps users discover the information they need to make informed consumer choices.

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