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Mangrove forests in Indonesia are under serious threat and continue to increase from various Factor. There are two factors that are currently still a high threat to mangrove ecosystems in Indonesia:

Illegal logging is still a high threat in line with the development of the era and infrastructure development. Clearing of mangrove land usually aims to expand aquaculture land, coastal infrastructure including ports, industry, construction of trade and housing, and agriculture.

It is inevitable that waste is a problem that cannot be stopped, even reducing it is very difficult. This is because the lifestyle of people who want it to be simple. So that the amount of waste over time is increasingly polluting the entire surface of the earth from land to sea

What it does

This Application is a story map on mangroves in Indonesian

How we built it

Built using ArcGIS online and qgis for survey

Challenges we ran into

Gathering the best data has proved extremely difficult. We spend a lot of time looking for references with all the data sets to be managed available to produce an education project at this time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We succeeded in developing education about mangroves in Java, Indonesia

What we learned

Processing data analysis using arcgis online

What's next for My Mangroves Project

Build applications and collect a huge amount of spatial data

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