With COVID being a great threat, it inspired us to create an app that reduces the amount of time people spend in a grocery store. We personally get so distracted when we go to a grocery store and end up spending more time and money necessary.

What it does

My Maize is a cloud-based app that provides customers with the most efficient route in a grocery store. It uses an electronic grocery list system to generate a pathway catered to each individual customer’s needs. Not only will the pathway be the most proficient one calculated, but it will also pinpoint the exact location of each product that the customer desires.

How I built it

For the front end, we used HTML and CSS. The mobile app design was created on Figma.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of good context analysis frameworks Accessing the web app from multiple computers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of creating convenience for customers, as everything they need for their grocery shopping experience is in one app. Barcode reading, nutrition information, prices, and product availability with the combination of step-by-step store navigation will make the experience so convenient for shoppers.

What I learned

We learned Javascript and Figma.

What's next for My Maize

We don't want this to be limited to just grocery stores, we would love to see how this would work at a shopping mall or even at various drug stores.

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