Who We Are

Livio De La Cruz - Unity Dev Dave Ferrell - Audio Design & Production Matt Lalley - Unity Dev Tania Pavlisak - Art Andy Romine - Art Ryan Smith - Art & Project Lead Allen Wilson - Unity Dev


Classic side-scrolling platformers like Super Mario Bros

What it does

player controls a rampaging Kaiju across an alien world. As you run, jump, and climb, you're ambushed by space knights and their deadly laser swords.

How we built it

Environmental assets from the Unity store, with custom scripts and prefabs by the art team. Kaiju converted from Unreal asset store + new/custom materials and animations space knights via Maya and Marvelous Designer

All level design, magic window, and game controller devved in Unity

Challenges we ran into

Hololens! Getting the Hololens emulator to work Friday night Getting the gamepad to connect with the Hololens

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Appealing, bright color, cartoony style that looks sharp in AR

What we learned

What's next for My Little Kaiju

Built With

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