My initial goal is creating an Alexa game for kids that is engaging, playable and educational. Since I am a game developer so I know this is exactly what a game does.

What it does

You can grow three virtual flowers in this skill. My goal is to help kids improve their sense of responsibility and keep the game entertaining. The flowers will go through 4 stages including seeds, germination, growth and spreading. In the last stage, the spreading stage, the flower will disperse new seeds. The exceeding seeds (maximum of flower slots is 3) will become scores. Kids should carefully water and fertilize (or pour out water and dig out fertilizer from) flowers. water and fertilizer are decreasing in real time, so they should regularly come back to water and fertilize. To keep the game interesting, I create an easter egg and implement sound effects.

How I built it

built it with dynamoDB, python, amazon lambda function and s3.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This game has many potential, I will add real time whether system to the game, after I get more reviews, so that kids don't have to water it in the rainy day. This also gives increase the sense of how Echo is the smart home management tool.

What I learned

I learned how to utilize AWS

What's next for My Little Garden

As I said, I will add real time whether system that tracks user's local whether. I originally plan to integrate it with a shopping system(using game points) so that may happen in future to make the game more versatile.

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