The original plan was to create a farmville-esque game where you take care of bees, filled with educational snippets to raise awareness for the struggling honeybee. My main goal for my first hackathon was to just see what I could teach myself, so it turned into a simple project illustrating my first attempt at Unity and C#.

What it does

You control a solitary bee with the arrow keys or WASD keys, and use the mouse buttons to fire pollen at incoming honeycombs.

How I built it

I used the Unity engine and inputted C# behavior scripts for each game object.

Challenges I ran into

I had to downsize the project from the very start because I wanted to finish with some kind of functionality by the end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was my first time utilizing both Unity and C#.

What I learned

The layout of Unity, basic commands in C#, 2D animations, etc.

What's next for My Lil' Bee Shooter

I hope to expand the idea back to its original basis which was "My Lil' Beekeeper", perhaps My Lil' Bee Shooter could be an internal mini game within the finished product!

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