I recently applied to colleges and it was a royal hassle having to remember ALL of the spectacular, extraordinary, and cool things I have done in the past 4 years. I felt that if I had a system to gradually keep track and record everything I have done the process would have been a lot smoother and less time-consuming. Hence I created My LaVie (My Life) and it....

What it does

Aggregates the college requirements in one clean interface and reminds you weekly or bi-weekly to enter information. You work a little bit now, to take it easy in the end and avoid frustration :)

How I built it

My LaVie, is an iOS application that was programing using swift and xCode.

Challenges I ran into

Biggest challenge was designing a clean interface.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My LaVie was created in rapid iteration, so it was cool to have something that works then slowly add more and more features!

What I learned

Lots and lots of UI features of storyboarding, and stack views! Also got more experience in animations and creating a product!

What's next for My LaVie

Search feature, and control over the frequency of notifications (Settings page)

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posted an update

The moment you have all been waiting for :) High School LaVie is now available in the app store (

I decided to continue development and do it the "right" way and fix up the hacks I originally used to get it working for the hackathon submission. Based on popular demand I went ahead and continued development and now it is available in the iOS app store!

Simplify the college admissions process and get your achievements organized. If you are looking for some more information visit

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