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Live and direct access to your e-mails in SharePoint Today, email messaging has taken control of corporate communication. In order to make this kind of day to day communication more efficient, Powell Software created the Mails component. The completely interactive and responsive web part eases daily interactions by connecting all Outlook email functions into one SharePoint page. You can write, read, and/or delete an email without ever opening Outlook. The Mails component provides seamless access to your latest e-mails in real time. All messages include a profile picture of the sender so you can quickly identify your collaborators. There also is a search option that filters through the inbox by a keyword or phrase. By connecting the two functions employee interaction become more efficient and organized. The Mails component enables you to take advantage of Outlook in SharePoint significantly increasing the overall usage of both programs as well as other Office 365 features.

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Mails: Access your inbox in SharePoint

Last Mails

The SharePoint Mails component is connected to your Outlook inbox and provides direct access your latest emails.


Click through your inbox by flipping between pages. At the bottom of the component, click the left to go to the next page of emails. Click the left arrow to go back a page. You can also click the page number.

Search Option

To make finding an email faster, there is a search engine feature. The search engine uses key words to filter through your inbox. To filter your mails, go to the top of the inbox. At the top right corner of the header is a search engine box. Click with in the box. Type in a key word to filter your search. The filtered results appear. Click the X in the search box to remove the filter.

Read a Message

To read an email, hover over to the email you want to read. Click on the email. The email opens as a pop up window. To exit the message clock on the X at the top right hand corner.

Write a Message

To write an email, go to the top of the inbox. Click on the NEW MESSAGE button, at the right hand side of the header. A pop up window opens. Fill in the form with the mandatory information. The sender, The subject, The message. Just like in Outlook, you can change the font, alignment and color of text as well as attach files, images and shapes. When finished, click on the SEND button to send your message.

Access Outlook

Outlook is also accessible from the Mails component. To open your inbox in Outlook, go to the top of the inbox. Click on the GO TO OUTLOOK button, in the right hand corner of the header. Outlook opens as a pop up window.

Admin Edit Page

The Mails component is completely customizable. To edit the page, go to the top right hand side of the SharePoint ribbon. Click on the Setting Menu, then on Edit Page. NOTE: To edit the appearance of the Mails component, the user needs to have Admin rights. Here you can edit the properties of page. Let’s change the number of mails that appear on a page. Click on the down arrow above the web part, then click EDIT WEBPART. An editing menu appears on the right side of the page. Click on the CONFIGURE button. Under Number of messages to display per page, change the number from 3 to 5. When finished, click on the grey square at the top right hand corner to save your changes. Click on the Apply button, then click OK to save. When finished, click on the Stop Editing button at the top left hand corner of the SharePoint ribbon.


Powell Software is a communication solutions provider and collaborator of Office 365. Headquartered between France and the United States, Powell Software has transformed communication, collaboration and business productivity for more than 80,000 people who currently use the intranet solution Powell 365.

As a collaborative intranet, Powell 365 helps accelerate the digital transformation of any enterprise by enriching internal communication with all the functional components of Office 365. Daily operations are eased and employee interaction is increased thanks to useful features such as Yammer, Delve, Office Video or Power BI, with access from anywhere, on any multi-device and at any time. Powell 365 is designed for several different business sectors and currently operates as a corporate intranet, an intranet for retail and soon an intranet for cities.

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