This app will assist IT and department managers in on-boarding, training and task-focus by providing each user with context sensitive media to:

1) Assist new users with on-boading training materials specific to their department. 2) Provide role/department based task guides

Each user will see links to Files and Media specific to their department. Their "department" is read from the Salesforce User object "department" field.

Imagine handing a new user a cell phone or iPad and informing them that all of the training and daily/weekly/monthly requirements are right in front of them, accessible from their mobile phone. Imagine updating a document in Salesforce and it is "instantly" available for every user that needs it. No pushing, no pulling, it's there.

A sales user has different training and task requirements than a Field Service Tech. A Field Service tech has different training and task requirements than a Service Dispatcher.

Imagine that when each user logs in, they see documentation and training for their department or role - and of course all the URL links for their external Internet urls to manage which differs for every department... Not anymore.

Training documents and role/department URLs are assigned to "departments" that match the department field in the user object. This allows each user to access, review and perform the training and task based activities assigned by their manager.

When a user is hired, users can now focus on standards-based training and tasks which will be immediately assigned and available instead of the chaos that usually ensues.

Documents are accessible via urls that may be located on Salesforce or on any website accessible by that user.

It can be anywhere - Salesforce, YouTube, Box (next version)

And when the user changes their position within the company, a single change of their "department" in the user object immediately provides the new training schedule and task requirements.

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