This application brings a great improvement of reliability and comfort for patients enrolled in clinical trials. Example: If a patient is enrolled in clinical trial focused on fighting hypertension with new medication. Then with that application patient can describe how he feels extremaly fast thanks to TAG feature and can store blood pressure values in a second. So the most troublesome part is very easy. The rest is only fun. Patient can preview his values on the graph, filter them however he likes, preview statistics with many parameters important in hypertension. With that application patient can better understand his condition and enjoy clinical trial.

It also helps doctors to better understand patients needs and prepare accurate medications.

Here are just few of many user comments: "My doc, impressed I've been using this application for a while just recently showed it to my cardiac Dr he was very impressed with it plus he was impressed with my current record keeping is one heck of a great app works as advertised super simple to use . I love it and so does my doc."

"Good app Good app! So far I haven't tried all the bells and whistles but only entered a dozen blood pressure measurements and am pretty satisfied with the user interface when entering and viewing them."

"I love this app. It is esay to use." More information Can be found in the Google Play page.

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