We are the Cagifs.


We're CS majors... we don't get out much. FitBit? Smart watches? Not motivation enough. Tamagotchi had it right. We needed cats. We walked into this hackathon with one goal: learn and have fun. (Ok, maybe it was two goals). What had we never done before? What did we want to learn about? After eating a lot of junk food and reevaluating our life choices, we realized that this game would probably be very relevant and useful, along with it being fun.

What it does

Cash in your hard-earned daily steps into precious PawPoints. Use these to buy food and toys for your cat and take it on walks. If your cat just enjoyed a delicious meal of cat food, you can pat yourself on the back, because not only are you a great pet owner, you walked 1000 steps, and you're healthy. If your cat's health bars are low and it keels over from exhaustion and sadness, you're overwhelmed with the desire to do better. To be healthy for your cat. Basically, if you move around and stay fit, your cat is happy and loves you. If not... it'll let you know it's unhappy. Just like any real cat.

How we built it

With React-Native and Javascript/JSX and a little touch of Xcode on the side. We integrated HealthKit to convert your stepcount into in-game currency.

Challenges we ran into

None of us had any experience with React-Native, mobile development, or JSX, so most of the last 24 hours we spent learning everything from scratch. (AKA we spent maybe four hours trying to get an image to be a button that navigates to the next scene.) That's fine, though. It made our accomplishments feel even better and more rewarding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This game!!!! #CatsRepresent #HealthCat

What we learned

Teamwork is great. Sleep is optional. Hackathons are 10% luck (why is this working), 20% skill (I know why this isn't working), 15% concentrated power of will (I will make this start working), 5% pleasure (holy crap this is working), 50% pain (why can't stackoverflow just make it start working), and 100% reason to remember CAGIF!!!

What's next for My Healthy Cat

Shipping to the App Store and helping everyone in the world be happy and healthy with their cat.

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