Toby Messier, MD: "I am a medical doctor who went through burnout and knows the importance of early detection. Many healthcare professionals go through immense stress and end up in long burnouts before ever realizing that they are in trouble and they need help. They are often so focused on helping others that taking care of themselves is forgotten.
This causes the problem that they are pushed too far, to the point of taking leaves of absence for burnout, sometimes very long extended leaves from the profession they used to love. If we could systematically detect symptoms of burnout early in healthcare professionals, action could be taken early to prevent these prolonged and sometimes permanent work leaves."

What it does

We developed a platform that surveys healthcare professionals to identify early signs of burnout and recommend taking action if necessary.

How we built it

It was build on top of Aquantix AI's The Risk Tracker platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The platform is built on a scalable infrastructure that can host up to millions of users if necessary.

What's next for My Health Risk

Launch within 2 weeks: needed before launch: Integrate "My health Risk - Early Burnout Detection System in Healthcare Workers" within The Risk Tracker platform

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