Old age and lack of attention to health is an everyday story. 'Buddie4healtH' is a solution to take care of one's health.

Buddie4healtH tracks, records, stores and notifies regular Biometric data generating your EMR (Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, SPO2 levels). This data is continuously monitored, and gives alerts to the doctor when the health vitals are tripping to danger levels and it's also a good idea of long term health issues of the patient which helps to predict future anomalies by comparing this data with the available health records.

We use a wearable device like FitBit, Pebble watch to collect real-time Body Vitals of the user and maintain it in the Cloud. This data is processed by using K-means Clustering Algorithm (Machine Learning) for the classification of data. This is done by the Web App built with Python at the backend, HTML5 and Javascript in the frontend. We use Intel Edison board to alert/control IOT enabled devices based on the notification received from the application.

The challenging part was getting real-time data using hardware as we required wearable devices, also many of the Health APIs required authentication.

We are able to classify the input health data to successfully notify to the doctors and external devices.

On a future note, we would like to extend this solution to all age groups to get a more accurate health trend and improvise additional features like 911 alert during emergency.

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