We have all faced the problem of finding the right words to wish or greet someone and we often end up wasting a lot of time in searching the right greeting or wish to send to the person.

What it does

We have developed My Greeter web application that automates the process of finding the right greeting and sending it to our WhatApp contacts. User can generate a specific greeting by providing input in the text box. To send the message to specific contact/group user can list them by providing their names and click on submit button to send it on WhatsApp.

How was it built?

In order to generate specific greeting we have used OpenAI API text completion. To automate WhatsApp we have used Whatsapp-web.js library.

Challenges we ran into

We were facing issues with using whatsapp-web.js library and making the whatsapp automation api call from backend and integrating it react frontend.

Future Plans

Whatsapp-web.js is a fragile library and their lot of bugs to be resolved in this so, we plan instead to use some other library or package or else using Python Selenium Automation and integrate it with our project.

Built With

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