My inspiration is google photos, such a great application with excellent functionalities and features. That application was built in such a way that anyone can easily upload photos and can store them permanently. I thought to create my gallery application with more features and functions compared to google photos.

What it does

My app will store the photos of users in a much more secure way and fetching the photos from the google cloud database is made in such a way that the app doesn't take a long time. Our app is user-friendly and the AI model used is very optimistic.

How we built it

I have built the app using react js with other libraries like Google APIs. We have used the firestore database from google cloud and our app is containerized to different VMs to balance the load that is the incoming traffic. We have created an efficient load balancer in google cloud which will take care of all scheduling. We have used Kubernetes to containerize it.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a Load balancer to manage the traffic was very challenging. Making our app into a container was challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I have successfully completed the application and hosted it 24/7 and also load balancer is working properly.

What we learned

I have learned to create an efficient load balancer, and how to containerize my application and host it securely 24/7. I have learned how to use material UI, and how to develop a project in a very efficient manner within the provided time.

What's next for My Gallery

Improving the AI model in terms of accuracy, and latency, and implementing much more features in the upcoming days.

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