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For the majority, Chemistry Lab is limited to a year in High School because the equipment is expensive and the experiments can be dangerous. However, the beauty and electrifying visuals of chemistry reactions shouldn’t be limited like that. Hence, My Fun ChemLab is an open website to everyone to create their own Chemistry Lab anywhere so they can do their own experience without boundaries and develop a passion for Chemistry. Especially during COVID pandemic, a lot of schools require students to take in-person lab, this project can allow students to do the labs at home while helping the school save money.

What it does

With a simple UI, our web application allows users to input multiple chemistry elements and it will show them the resulting element and 3-D molecular model of all the compounds that were involved in the reaction. We also have some interactive parts, like the quiz and the chatbot.

How we built it

Our team used React in the front-end. For the backend, we use EchoAR to create the molecular models, WolframAlpha to complete and balance the chemical reactions. We created a Node.js backend for the SashiDo API.

Challenges we ran into

We all have never created an Augmented Reality or used EchoAR and WolframAlpha API before so this was a completely new experience for all of us. Also, SashiDo was a challenge, because the product is relatively new and the documentation didn't reach a large community of contributors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re a team with a wide range of experience! Despite this challenge, we each learned a lot from each other and from the mentors. We were able to build a lot of pages to show and our website looks really nice despite not having a designer. We were getting along very well under stress and everyone was able to contribute to the project. Each of us was in a different timezone too so it's chaotic to collaborate but we figured it out (and sacrifice our sleep haha)

What I learned

We learned to work with different services with which we might not interact in our "casual" projects. SashiDo is the first one to mention for this matter, giving the fact that it is so simple to use. Also, we learned from each others working style and we pursued to coordinate the team until the end of the hack.

What's next for My Fun ChemLab

First of all, this is an MVP, so we will work harder on that. What we want for our app is to make it as much realistic as possible. We would like to add more animations, similar to ones from the real laboratories. Unity might be the best option for this matter. Also, we would like to engage students more in our app using interactive tasks and discussion forums.

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