Most corporate apps work as an electronic whip: they give you rewards but you feel like you are under constant control. In our app, we turn the tables: we will reward you for keeping an active work-life balance and control the managers that don't.

What it does

Once you install the app, the company will plant a tree. Every week you get activity points: use them to work-out, learn a new skill, volunteer, anything that helps you grow! When you complete the challenges, the company will donate to preserve wildlife. The more points you get, the more you help the planet!(and score some nice side prizes as gift cards , discounts ,etc) The biggest win is that management will have to encourage work-life balance! If their team is not self-improving they will stand out!

How we built it

Originally we were going to make a web app with flask, but ran into issues so we switched to developing an iOS app. Everything was built in XCode, using interface builders.

Challenges we ran into

Two team members who were working on the front end aspect of the web app ended up dropping out of the competition, so we had to adapt and scale down the project to something we were more familiar with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the idea itself and we think that it could really revolutionize the workplace environment, as well as helping our planet.

What we learned

We used a lot of the ideas presented in the Sun Life workshop to help us design and prototype the app, such as Marvelapp.

What's next for My Forest

Corporate domination and world salvation!

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