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Is your life too busy to fit in a workout routine, finding the right food to eat and researching what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle? My Fitness Journey combines short intense bodyweight workouts with advice and insights into health and fitness that will not only fit into your daily routine but also provide you with all you need to feel better.

Start your own journey with personalised workouts based on your fitness level and learn how to physically and mentally become a better version of yourself.

What it does


My Fitness Journey delivers a coaching experience at home that will help you develop a healthier lifestyle slowly teaching you on how to exercise, what to eat, how to deal with stress and fitness all around. In practice, our coach will guide you through tailored workouts, explain how and why your body works in different ways, give you advice on nutrition and give you easy yet effective tips to become healthier at your day to day life.

With your first personalised journey you will learn a lot of basics - no fancy marketing terms, no fake dreams being sold - simply what you need to know to reach your goals. From there on we will go into a more detailed approach and focus on certain main topics like nutrition.

MFJ is available in English and German


With the My Fitness Journey Premium Subscription you gain access to:

  • Personalised workouts spoken by real voice actors
  • 50+ exercises with detailed explanations and photos
  • Individual training plans based on your fitness needs
  • Health lessons after each workout
  • Connect to your Fitbit account and track your workouts (optional)
  • The My Fitness Journey companion app for Android and IOS

Free Users have access to:

  • Random bodyweight workouts spoken by real voice actors
  • The My Fitness Journey companion app for Android and IOS

Rich multimodal experience on all devices

multimodal My Fitness Journey has been designed to deliver a consistent great user-experience on all devices. For devices with screens we implemented a rich multi modal APL experience during your workouts.

For devices without screen we designed all training content to be voice first. The experience works completely voice only, with workouts, exercise explanations and health lessons. The correct execution of exercises is important to ensure a proper form and prevent injuries.

To accompany the voice-first experience we have created a mobile app that gives you access to all exercises with pictures and explanations.

You can find the app here: English: My Fitness Journey App German: My Fitness Journey App DE multimodal

Challenges we ran into

Create a product that keeps people engaged

The most challenging part of fitness is to keep at it and understand that it is about being consistent over a long time rather than a quick fix. Hence engagement is the most crucial part to keep the user entertained and patient to get them to their goals. You cannot fail if you follow our guidance and make MFJ part of your life.

Account Linking and Content

Technically challenging were implementing the account linking with Fitbit and managing the audio content, ensuring the correct content through extensive testing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All three of us are full-time employed and have build My Fitness Journey in our spare time. We are really proud to have come this long way and be able to be here to present what we worked so hard for.

What's next for My Fitness Journey

We will continuously work on the flow of our sessions and in future give users more variety to choose from including seasonal workouts, stress relief and guest speakers that will bring a lot of experience and give you new drive. For a lot of health lessons there will be more in depth conversations in the style of a podcast so people can dig into certain areas they are really interested in.

With the right user base there are countless opportunities to bring weekly new content and hopefully also create a community that is active, healthy and shares their stories to get the most out of their lifestyles.

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