Inspiration: As high schoolers ourselves, it gets harder and harder for us to continue managing all our classes, keeping track of due dates, and keeping track of finances that we spend day to day. The freedom that we obtain becomes a underlining stress for us be on top of everything which results in mental health problems for numerous high schoolers. This motivation yearned for us to create platform where students have the potential to be organized in terms of school work and be able to mange their spend-ages which would prepare them for the future.

What it does: It is an app that manages a virtual binder, a todo list, and financial status. We have a navigation system where we can add classes and in the classes the user can add material. In addition, the user can add due dates to their due list to keep them up to date with their assignments without being in constant worry. In the finance section, the user can calculate money as they can subtract or add from what the had spent on that day to keep track of spendings.

How I built it: The platform that we used for the app is Thunkable, a drag and drop programming platform where Thunkable is an app building website which can make a new app from scratch. Thunkable In addition, we used ATOM to build our website. ATOM is a text editor that we used to run our HTML code for our website and the website contains basic information regarding the app.

Challenges I ran into: At first, our plan was to code with React-Native which is a platform that I personally am fluent in, however due to technical difficulties that my computer ran into, we had to move to Plan B which was Swift and use XCode for the app. Nonetheless, my limited knowledge and the time limit given didn't allow me to full explore the platform and we had to resort to Plan C which was Thunkable.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: To be honest, we are proud of using Thunkable in one try and completing the app hours before the assignment was due. Despite all the technical difficulties that we faced in the beginning half, we didn't give up and continued to find new and innovate solutions to overcome the obstacles. We were all beneficial to this project because we helped proofread and make sure the code and the design looks simple and well-coded. We also accomplished in creating the project idea within a short amount of time because as high schoolers, we understand the needs and wants in our stressful lives.

What I learned: We learned how to collaborate together as a team because if we did not have all 4 members, we would not have gotten as much done and would not have been as successful as we would have been if there were only 1 or 2 members. We also learned more about Thunkable and its usefulness in creating simple yet fulfilling apps.

What's next for My Finder: The next step for this project would be making it more accessible to users by including QR scanning for material and notifications from the app. In later versions, it could be made for more devices, and also include an added feature of a temporary folder, where it keeps material until the user can sort it into the respective class. After we add these updates, we plan to connect their due date to their calendar and connect it to their reminder feature, making them more organized. Moreover, there are many ways to make this program more user-friendly and widespread.

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