In this project, I learned the basics of html and css. This project was so incredibly informative to what I am capable of once I take the initiative to act on my immense desire to learn. This is my first time learning how to code html and css, and I enjoyed seeing the differences between languages and how they can intertwine to effect each other!

One of the things that I struggled with was transferring my new knowledge of html and css coding that I learned on to my project that I made. The information on is a wonderful tool for individuals new or returning to learning code, however, the information is spread out throughout the lessons and it took me a little bit to find information and apply it. For example, I believe that the most time consuming part of my project would be learning how to resize my images to automatically adjust to the screen width/size.

I am really proud of the fact that I learned html and css and applied that knowledge to build my own website and publicly host it with my original domain name. Along a similar line of thought, something I am really proud of while designing my website is learning how to adjust my images. Some things about my design that I really like are that I included the "transform" element to allow the image to pop-out when the user hovers their mouse over any image. In addition, I linked all the images to their respective sites, such as SZA's Ctrl album to the Spotify link of the Ctrl album. I am also very proud that I learned how to apply my new-found knowledge of the "hover" application to make the links in text form change color when the user hovers over them.

Going forward, I want to apply my knowledge that I learned from this project to streamline my coding experience while also making my abilities of coding html and css more efficient. I also want to use this knowledge and future knowledge that I will learn to build my own portfolio website that will document my creative work history.

Built With

  • css
  • css-visual-presentation-techniques
  • cyberduck
  • google-fonts
  • html5
  • responsive-web-design
  • visual-studio-code
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