the app is deigned for families or any one you consider him/her from the family.

the app is a daily need for me and i guess for lots of people. you need to know each day if your son reached the school on time or your wife/husband reached his/her work. you need to keep an eye on your loved ones while they are traveling from another city to your home.

the app notifies you when one of your family members reaches a predefined place. on your watch so you won't need to check your phone or make calls to know if they reached their destinations or not. also you can check all your members activity if you missed the notification or just you wanted to check when they reached or left their places.

the app will makes your life much easier for you and your family. because family comes first.

How to use

  1. add your family members 2.create the place you want to get the notification for 3.assign the places to the members 4.when any of your members reach or leave the places you will get notified on both watch and phone 5.check your logs on phone and watch
  2. try the "Where is" from the members profile screen to know his/her location right now

Road Map

1.the members will be accessible from the watch 2.the "where is" feature will be added to the watch

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