With the introduction of online learning and homework due to Covid-19, students and parents often find themselves spending a majority of their time in front of screens. There has already been a concern about growing screen time in the past decade, and it only worsens during this lockdown. While adults are more accustomed to spending time on the computer, young children and adolescents are faced with the problem of eye strain with the sudden switch to full online learning. I have personally experienced this through spending my entire day in front of the computer, whether it be for school work, homework, programming, or even relaxing by watching TV. My project aims to help people of all ages, especially children, protect their eyesight through providing them with a tool to prompt them to take screen breaks and complete eye exercises. But, children don’t want to do exercises, they want to play! So, this website and app is packed with interactive elements such as a timer, AR animation style exercises with fun names, and shocking statistics.

What it does

My project is a website and an app that can be used by people of all ages. They can turn on a 20 minute timer on the website/app as they work. Once the 20 minutes are up, the user is provided with an eye exercise that they can complete to reduce the strain on their eyes. These exercises are packaged with fun names and provided through Augmented Reality! This interactivity increases engagement in students and helps prevent short term and long term vision problems.

How I built it

I built the website with HTML/CSS/Javascript and I built the app with Swift on XCode. I implemented the EchoAR technology for the AR part of the app.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into challenges with learning AR and how to implement it into my app. It took me a while to find out how to download 3D objects and how to add metadata/logic through code to them. However, I was able to research and find a workaround by adding a video AR to make the website/app more interactive.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of integrating AR into the app and the website. I am also glad that I was able to incorporate elements that required both the website and the app. This part makes the exercises seem more fun, like a game, to children and encourages them to take screen breaks and exercise.

What I learned

I learned more about implementing AR with other interfaces, such as apps and websites. I also improved my iOS App Development skills.

What's next for My Eye Assistant

In the future, I hope to improve this project by adding more exercises and by making the AR exercises projectable on any surface

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