Everyone should be able to live the best life they possibly can.

Together, we are building a destination for end of life planning, response, and inspiration. Reflecting on what we would want at end of life helps us to live congruently with our values, be considerate of our loved ones, and bring new meaning to living.

Numerous peer-reviewed studies have shown that thinking about the finitude of life can improve our lives by giving us perspective, making us more altruistic, helping us live more authentically with our values, reducing depression, and ultimately, making us happier.

My Exit Strategy makes it easy for the user to start thinking about life as a whole. Our questions are a gentle and human way to begin the process of reflecting, and we provide “seed ideas” for users to react to and be inspired by. Users can store their preferences securely in the cloud and share them with whomever they think should know, a simple but intuitive functionality.

Our target user is 25-45 year olds, and we believe that they will bring this application to the rest of their families.

We are so inspired by end of life traditions from different cultures around the world, and we strongly believe that we can all benefit from reminding ourselves that life as a finite situation. The perceived scarcity of time that we cultivate helps us to let the little things go, and to be motivated to live exactly the way we want and be our best selves.

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