Many people are being forced to work at home, but still need to progress with their career and professional goals. Some people have also lost their jobs due to Covid, so a free business card app helps people to promote themselves with out any cost to themselves. It was an idea from our CSE professor from Suffolk County Community College a couple years ago.

What it does

The App lets users pick images, do some simple image manipulation, and select the text to customize their card. They can choose to save the card to a file that they can resume working on later, and when they are done they can export the card to jpeg or png for uploading to social media, sending to clients or employers through email, or even to print real business cards.

How we built it

We built this app using Java and JavaFX.

Challenges we ran into

A couple challenges we went through was Image I/O and operations with Images.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to save the images the user uses including the texts they want to place on their business card into a single file.

What we learned

We learned that Image I/O is a pain of a neck and there are efficient ways of accomplishing a task if the work is divided and done in a timely manner.

What's next for My-ECard

We might continue to develop it for fun during the Summer.

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