All of us in the team were feeling single and lonely, so we decided to create a bot that would simulate what it feels like to have someone to care for you on a daily basis. :)

What it does

It says good morning, sends you stickers, send news, send weather, plays games (not mindgames) with you, keeps you entertained and most importantly it showers you with care and concern <3

How we built it

It was written in Java in Intellij IDE.

Challenges we ran into

  • Git familiarisation
  • Due to our limited knowledge we were unable to implement some of the more advanced features that we intended for this bot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sends stickers! Sends 9gag link! Wow! Play games Tell the weather

What we learned

What qualities a boyfriend should have How to make a Telegram bot in Java

What's next for My Dream Boyfriend

Maybe hosting it and letting everyone have fun with our new boyfriend <3 Try it out at @MyDreamBoyfriendBot now (:

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