Name -:

My Doctor Application

Description -:

A portal which shows the description, specialty, symptoms, causes, risk factors, diagnostic methods about the searched disease so that patient can know each and everything about the disease with a single click by just logging into that portal. Portal will also Cover Details of Doctors along with his/her Location, contact details, specialization, and background. It will guide the patient about the disease and suggest him to contact the doctor related to that specific disease. It will show the details of searched medicine and will show the description about it covering the different types of salts it contains along with the list of diseases it cured and the proper amount of dosage one should take.

Area of Problem-:

Healthcare Industry.

Technologies Required -:

Pyqt5, MySQL





Target Platforms-:

Computer Application

Estimate number of users it can help -:

Every Person who needs to know about the Doctor near him or Any Information he/she likes to access any Disease

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