The My Deals by Sears app destroys the old idea of newspaper coupons to drive traffic to the brick and mortar and the online store. Those types of advertisements get tossed in the garbage and treated as useless junk mail. It the fast paced world there needs to be solution that drive the consumer to seek out products and be engaged with their environment.

With My Deals by Sears we take your world and turn it into an addicting game that pulls the user off the couch, gets in the stores, and buying online.

Using the NFC technology, available on both iPhone and Android, the use scans hidden tags throughout the store gaining points that can be collected and used in the My Deals store. Some tags even trigger a special deal that is automatically delivered that can be used in store.

Screen transition create a fun environment and the persistent display of products and the users score pushes the urge to get off the couch, earn those points, and increase your revenue.

The customer is able to share that they have earned or bought new deals with their social networks, driving more users the to application.

Rewards can be used instore or online by scanning a barcode or using the online code provided in the deal.

Throughout the app related products are displayed based on keywords supplied by the admin when the deal was added to the system. These keywords give managers control over what is associated to each deal. Selecting a related product takes the user to the online store to use their earned code and make purchases.

Analytics is a big piece of My Deals by Sears. An admin web application is provided that allows the admin to track hot/cold tags, hot/cold coupons, and user traffic. The ability to view where customer move will help arrange the store and drive revenue to departments.

Placing tags in specific location can also help drive traffic and increase impulse buys. For example tags in winter clothes would increase foot traffic. Strategic location could also be used to direct traffic to instore deals and displays.

Getting away from the old, and to be honest cold, way of attracting customers needs to go. It’s time for My Deals by Sears step into the market to make shopping and saving engaging, fun, and addictive.



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