Recently, many of our friends took the SAT, and they constantly complained about how during the time they were studying, they weren't updated with the latest trends on social media such as new memes and popular videos. This inspired us to create an easy solution to this problem with our app, myDailyTrends.

What it does

With My Daily Trends, you are able to keep up with the latest and most popular social media trends that you care about without spending excessive time on social media. The app would analyze trends across different social media platforms, and aggregate the most popular posts overall, and then present these posts to the user each day in our app. This enables the user to spend less time browsing social media hours on end to get updated with the new social media trends.

How we built it

Using the Meme API created by Java and an iOS Application, we created a separate API that uses an algorithm to compare the statistics of certain "memes" or trends to find which one is more popular among your interests and Facebook friends or followers.

In xcode, we built a UI that was very simplistic and could appeal to all ages. With a summary picture and a linked button, you can access the latest social media trends with just a single app.

Challenges we ran into

-Learning swift and xcode within 24 hours -Try to learn about database access and Facebook API -Reworking the idea when our database and API implementation was not working -Linking buttons to certain webpages -Showing the login page for Facebook and Twitter

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We were able to write an algorithm that would analyze each social media post and classify them into categories based on the number of likes and the number of reshapes and retweets.

  • We were also able to successfully complete our User Interface in the form of an iOS app. The app was aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and easy to use for each user.

  • We were able to successfully formulate our idea and implement or plan for each aspect of our final product.

What we learned

We learned that we should not try and take on too much in programs like this- instead, we should just try our best and come up with a feasible, good, solution.

What's next for My Daily Trend

Since we did not fully implement the use of the Mongo DB database and the Facebook/Twitter SDK with the My Daily Trends iOS app, our next step would be to continue to work on that, to achieve a level of integration at which our entire product, the front end, back end, and the storage, are cohesive and completely working together.

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