www.MyDailyActivity.com aims to increase productivity, reduce stress & depression and increase happiness by keeping people focused on what is important to them - so as time goes by, people can have peace of mind that they've been paying attention to the important things.

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My Daily Activity

If today was your last day - would you be happy with what've you've done?

Don't get so busy with life that you forget to do what's important to you!

My daily activity makes it easy to track and monitor how often you actually do those important things:

  • Make a list of the things you want to do regularly
  • Every day that you do one of those things, record it in My Daily Activity
  • Easily see how many things and how often you are doing those things


Here are some examples of things you might put on your list to help you achieve your goals:

  • Play with kids
  • Quality time with wife
  • Learn something new
  • Play squash
  • Gym
  • Good food day

Record your activity

Whenever you do one of your activities, record it in My Daily Activity - simply click the activity to toggle.

  • Add new activities easily.
  • Archive activities when they no longer become important.
  • View your progress

Coming soon

  • Mobile app
  • Export your data
  • Activity management - set frequency targets, descriptions, re-order, view/manage archived activities
  • More reports
  • Log in with Google, Twitter, LinkedIn


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