We only live once and we all want to do things but time passes by and you never start or stay with it.


  • learn to draw, play chess,
  • play chess
  • go to the gym regularly
  • study xyz
  • read a biography a month
  • lose weight

These things won't happen if you don't participate in these activities regularly!

Usually there are 2 results:

  • you end up at 42 and realize that you never started those things, or if you did start, you didn't do it often enough and you've forgotten about it
  • you have the perception that you are doing those things (going to the gym) but wonder why you never got anywhere with it (because you didn't do it often enough)

There is a 3rd result - that you nailed it because you started, didn't stop, and did it often enough to progress it. But I'm guessing that for the majority this doesn't happen.

So how about a website & app that keeps you honest

  • lets you list the activities you want to actively pursue
  • flag when you do something towards them
  • view reports (see how often you are doing something, which ones are being neglected or not)

So imagine someone saying: "I'm always going to the gym but I'm not losing weight" - they can look at their records, and see that they've only averaged going to the gym 1.5 times a week, and they've only had 4 good food days over the last month. No wonder!

There are several niche areas:

People who are time short but 'want' to achieve so many things - a list might look like:

  • Fitness

    • Bike ride
    • Jog
    • Weights
  • Other

    • Drawing
    • Play with kids at park
    • Skate boarding
    • Quality time with wife


  • They might list all their subjects and tick off when they revise that topic.


  • Think of it as a reward chart. All their 'chores' are listed and they get ticked off when done.

Perhaps for each item you can specify a desired frequency and it can flag those that are lacking.


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