Fatalities from car accidents can occur when people don’t have access to help–especially when they’re driving alone. Insurance companies cannot always protect their customers due to the limited data they have related to car accidents.

What it does

My Crash Buddy detects car crashes automatically and can also sense the fear of the driver.

It connects driver to elected hospital and/or nominated emergency contact and automatically collects and sends data that insurance company can benefit from such as the speed of the car before crash and location of the crash. It learns the driver’s behaviour and gives an evaluation score to the driver which can also be used by insurance company.\

How we built it

We have implemented a webserver with Django, a mobile application for ios with swift. We used twilio api, microsoft api and google api.

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting the picture of the driver's face and sending in to server
  • Calculating the crashing formula
  • Running machine learning algorithms on real car driver's data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Mobile app is complete with all functionalities, suitable for future development
  • Server is working very smoothly
  • Our graphics are very user friendly

What we learned

  • 24 hours is long enough to put something to work
  • Using public APIs can be helpful

What's next for My Crash Buddy

  • Detecting crashed beforehand, saving many lives
  • Integrating My Crash Buddy with the insurance company sistems and providing more helpful services

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