My Inspiration

Hello, my name is Jessica Levett. I have created an application called My Covidential Diary using the PEGA Platform V 8.4. It's inspired by a woman I have studied and read about for much of my life, Anne Frank. She lived through one of the worlds most traumatic experiences and still wrote and documented her diary. I wanted to make writing a diary as simple as clicking a button. So that anyone can document their current experiences. All entry's are sent personalised to your email and are customised by your answers.

I hope people can find comfort in creating their diary just as others have done before :)

I have entered my application into this Amazing Hackathon, in the hope that I can help spread awareness of positive change and using the resources around me avaliable to do so. And to show what girls can do 💪

I wish everyone in the world the best and have a great day!

What it does

It generates a personalised diary entry based on your multiple choice answers to help document your day. It includes questions inspired by Anne Frank's diary and the types of things she wrote about. I have also used questions given to me from a few years ago from my councillor which helped me come to terms with how I was feeling at the time. The language is also not too complicated and provides straight forward answers for those with additional needs. My younger brother who has severe learning disabilities has trialled the application and submitted his diary entry. I really tried to make my application suitable and helpful to as many people as possible because writing is an amazing vice for those going through tough times.

How I built it

I built it using PEGA 8.4 in the App and Dev studio.

Challenges I ran into

I wanted to create this application as best as possible in the time frame to ensure functionality. I'm all about perseverance, pushing through obstacles and finding solutions. So I'm really happy that I was able to achieve my submitted product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that it works and that it has already helped some people who have tested it out.

For example I have a teenage sister and offered her to test my app after a stressful day of online exams. She told me how relieved she felt opening up to herself with the questions and now she has something to show herself in the future about how she has dealt with the current situation. That really made my day because that was the goal for this application.

What I learned

That I can help people by using my skills with the PEGA system.

What's next for My Covidential Diary

I'm sure once people have grasped the concept they will want to try it, so to make it deployable would be a dream come true. The goal is to help people using PEGA resources and I really do feel that my application does that.

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