I was inspired by hearing some of my friends who play tabletop role-playing games share their woes that there aren't enough Game Masters out there and the same person usually ends up leading the group rather than getting to be a player on occasion. I was also inspired by the idea of automation and listservs.

What it does

The project has multiple components that work cohesively to create the gaming experience. The website domain is where players sign up for the service by inputting their desired character name, character class, and their email address. This information is retrieved via automation and is used to send the adventure story to the player's email. The story has choices that the player responds to, and the reply emails trigger more emails from the automation based on textual cues. The story is meant to progress on a daily basis in real time, with the day of sign-up as the first day, the next day as day 2 of the quest line, and so on.

How I built it

I used to sign up for the domain and used Website Builder to customize a website for the domain. All images on the website are public domain, and I chose images to match a fantasy gaming aesthetic. For automation, I used UiPath. I chose a flowchart design to handle the complex process of interpreting the emails for when to send a welcome email versus emails for day 1 of the journey, and so on. All of these applications/tools are new to me, but I enjoyed the challenge! I used UiPath's tutorials and the community forums for troubleshooting. Also, I wrote a little bit of the quest storyline used in the project so far.

Challenges I ran into

Ideally, I would have liked to have my workflow run with each new email message, but I had some major technical issues at the end. I managed to get the job set up in Orchestrator with everything connected, but something happened to my StudioX around that point and whenever I tried to run the workflow it disappeared! Very strange, but I'm glad I captured video before this happened. You can see what it was like before in the demo, though note that you won't receive any emails if you try out the form on the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That being said, I learned a lot very quickly! I'm proud of building my first website and my first automation this weekend. I'm also proud of finishing a demo project for my first virtual hackathon.

What I learned

I learned about automation and website design. I'm looking forward to applying these skills to future projects, especially those involving human behavior change.

What's next for My Computer, My GM

Using UiPath Assistant or another tool so the workflow runs with new emails, adding a feature for the automation that recognizes time

Built With

  • uipath
  • websitebuilder
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